Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising  refers to the form of search engine marketing that allows your websites advertised in the special area of search engine results for selected keyword searches. The most famous PPC advertising is Google AdWords.These Ads appear on the “Sponsored Links” section of the Google results page. Each time someone clicks on one of your ads on this area,  you pay a small fee. You may prefer to focus on boosting your natural search results for free with SEO. But it’s worth trying Google AdWords, if only for short periods of time, particularly when you first launch your website and have no traffic, or whenever you launch a new product or service that you want to raise awareness of, because it is the fastest way of driving traffic to your site. It also gives you the ability to design and control your campaign to meet your business needs, and the ability to control costs by setting daily and monthly budgets.

In Rigel Innovations, we provide innovative, end-to-end Pay Per Click Service including

  • Research and select the most appropriate keywords for which the company wishes to advertise
  • Create a pay per click ad based on your budget and requirements
  • Place bid for the created ad
  • Monitor and review campaign

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