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Website Design & Development

Rigel Innovations provides end-to-end web design services including online strategy, custom website design, website development, content management, online directory and E-Commerce. Our highly skilled design team creates professional, attractive and search engine optimised website custom designed to your specific business needs.

There is rapidly increasing of website surfers each year. Because Internet is easy to use, and can reach people from all around the world, it is fast becoming the communications vehicle of choice for more and more people, and a most attractive and important publishing, communication and marketing place.

A professional looking, easy to use and custom designed website says a company is quality-oriented and reliable. It can differentiate your site from other run-of-the-mill template sites, increase search engine rankings and maintain a unique online presence. This can well place your business in online marketing. You can also impress your visitors with your brand and value which is essential for brand recognition and gaining the trust and confidence of your customers.

Rigel Innovations offers cost effective custom website design service. By providing end-to-end service from design, development to maintenance, you can focus on your core business whereas let us take care of your website. All our services can custom to your requirements.We take care and effort to understanding your business to recommend strategies that will align with your business goals, add values and provide positive returns. We will then embed the strategy to website design, development and online marketing.

Our web design services includes

  • Online Strategy
  • Custom Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management
  • Online Directory
  • E-Commerce

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